Marina Argyroplidou, 1. Vorstand
Marina Argyroplidou, 1. Vorstand

Your professionals for income tax

Income Tax Assistance Association
Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt e.V.

"That gives me security: The LSHV Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt e.V. takes care of my taxes."

German tax law is complex and subject to constant change. With qualified tax advice, you benefit from all tax advantages. You can also be sure that your tax affairs will be dealt with professionally and smoothly.

We at LSHV Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt e.V. are specialists for income tax returns. We advise employees, civil servants, retirees and retirees on how best to save taxes. We would be happy to assist you as a partner for your tax questions!

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Declaration of Accession

We take care of all the work related to your income tax return

Our services at a glance:

We create for you

  • Your income tax return according to § 4 No. 11 StBerG
  • a tax estimate
  • the application for income tax reduction
  • the home ownership application
  • the application for the determination of the employee savings allowance
  • the application for a housing subsidy

What we take over for you

  • the entire transaction with the tax office
  • check your tax assessment
  • represent you in objection and lawsuit proceedings
  • determine the most favorable tax class for you
  • will also help you with child benefit matters within the framework of the EStG


All our services are covered by the annual membership fee.

Income tax assistance

How does it work?

The term "Lohnsteuerhilfeverein" is a legally protected term which may only be used by organisations which have been recognised as Lohnsteuerhilfevereins by the competent higher tax authority after an elaborate examination procedure.

An income tax assistance association is a self-help organisation for employees to provide assistance in tax matters (income tax assistance) within the scope of the legal authority to provide advice for its own association members.

As an income tax assistance association does not work according to the principle of profit maximisation, but only according to the principle of cost recovery, each member only pays a membership fee of € 80 for 2020 to 2023 and € 99 from 2024 plus € 40 per rented property.

The counselling activities for the workers are carried out in our counselling centre by our experts. Each counselling centre has a responsible counselling centre manager who must be personally appointed for this purpose by the competent higher tax authority. Strict personal and professional requirements apply to the appointment of the counselling centre managers.


Become a member

Wir halten Ihnen den Rücken frei

Well looked after and safe all round - with the all-round carefree package from LSHV Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt e.V., employees, civil servants, pensioners and retirees receive high-quality tax advice:

  • Competent, year-round tax advice, specialising in wage and income tax
  • Pre-calculation of the refund amount to which you are entitled
  • Handling of the entire process with the tax office
  • Review of the tax assessment
  • Appeal and legal action, if necessary

Every member receives our complete service.

Our membership fee is based on social criteria. Even taxpayers with low incomes receive our complete all-round service.

One fee - all benefits

  • Everything is included in the annual membership fee
  • There are no additional costs, even if you use us more often
  • Membership can be cancelled annually, with effect from 30 November

Your advantages

  • You have the security of knowing that you are taking advantage of all the possibilities within the framework of tax legislation
  • You can plan and receive your money from the office without delay
  • We ensure tax justice for our members
  • We work on a cost-covering basis